Our services are in the always-on process of upgrading. As the most comprehensive BPTO provider in Southeast Europe, we have developed an agile approach so we could provide tailor-made service to both corporate clients and raising startups all over the world. Every specific business need you have is a new challenge for us.


Customer Experience and Contact Center Services

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Information Technology

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HR solutions

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Contact center services in 24 languages

Integrated Contact center services are the core of our business. We give you customers multi-lingual, omnichannel care focused on your specific goals.

With more than a million contacts every year, we know what the power of direct communication is, and we see it as an endless field of possibilities for growth.

  • Advanced contact center
    • Customer care is our core. Our role is to help you connect with your customers across various channels such as voice (inbound and outbound calls), emails, ticketing systems, chat, and the most important digital channels, and to be in contact with your customers 24/7. With our Call Center Service, you provide human to human interaction with digitally empowered customers.
  • Premium contact center
    • Communication is alive more than ever. We are living in a world of instantaneous communication. The customer landscape has changed, embracing digitally empowered customers. Today every business is facing customers that are experts in text messaging, social media, and mobile application. The number of communication channels went sky-high, enabling effortless communication to everyone. Your business is in a need to adopt a number of channels: Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Viber, Social Listening, Twitter and other to keep in touch with a market and want to keep up with each customer on the entire customer journey.
  • Overflow handling
    • Your Call Center is occupied, and the waiting time is raising. You are struggling to ensure 24/7/365 reachability to your customers. Your business process is extremely demand-sensitive with great call distribution fluctuation. You want to avoid a back-office backlog. You should use our overflow service and ensure that all calls are professionally and promptly answered.
  • Customer data verification
    • Your contact database is your biggest asset. The contact database must be well structured and kept clean, validated, and regularly maintained to ensure it serves the exact purpose for your business. Incomplete and inaccurate customer data can only reduce your effort’s success. This will result in unnecessary cost and campaign failure. Allow your internal teams to focus on the most important tasks while we improve your data quality for your business needs.
  • Sales and order management
    • We optimize your process and boost your sales. The lack of adequate technical capabilities, tools, knowledge, and professional communication skills or inability to provide 24/7 service are some of the basic reasons why you should choose our support. We offer direct sales and full order fulfillment support, improving your revenue stream and turning cost centers into profit ones
  • Video Identity check
    • Video Identity Check is an easy and extremely secure way to identify your customer online. Our proprietary video identification tool is compliant with KYC and ALM legislation, but also fully customizable to your desired customer on-boarding process.
  • Debt collection
    • We make your cash flow safe. Outsourcing debt collection activities to our teams guarantee concrete results – increased revenue and cost savings. Our collection team gathers trained professionals with many years of experience, who will collect your claims in an efficient, ethical, and economical way with respect to the debtor's rights.
  • Business analytics
    • Our Business analytics services translate data into actionable information. Manage data includes the collection, validation, storage, protection, and data processing to ensure availability, reliability, and accuracy of data for users. Reporting includes handling and managing the process of organizing data in presentation layers (charts and tables) through pre-defined data pipelines. Advanced Reporting as handling and managing the process of reviewing, cleansing, transforming and modeling data using Machine learning and Neural network algorithms, with the goal to discover useful information, presenting conclusions, and supporting decision-making. Analytic Overflow includes engaging our team per project or per hour.

Our communication channels


Giving and responding to customer calls anywhere they are, anytime they need our support.

Email and live chat

Writing clearly, answering quickly, always using the right words to help and inspire your customers. We are masters of written communication either through email, SMS, Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, or any other channel your customers prefer.


Talking face to face with a customer, understanding its gestures and giving a conversation perfect tone.

HR solution with more than 1100 employees

HR solution with more than 1100 employees SmartFlex company, a part of the M+ Group, is the leading HR agency in Croatia. Some of the biggest companies operating in various industries rely on us every time they need new talents. Using the combination of our expertise and market insights, we can find a perfect candidate for every open position.